Thank you for your interest in Tyler Area Alliance of Black School Educators (TAABSE). It is a great honor and privilege to serve as the 2022-2024 president. As an affiliate of the state chapter – Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE) and national chapter – National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE), we are governed by the same principles. These organizations are committed to closing the achievement gap among African American children and all others. The mission of Texas Alliance of Black School Educators is to bolster a force of transformation through equity, efficacy, and policy to ensure unobstructed opportunities for students of African descent and educators who serve them.

Like TABSE, the Tyler Area Alliance of Black School Educators is committed to improving the educational achievement of African American students by increasing the participation and expansion of our affiliate. We also believe in identifying and promoting activities that are designed to sensitize the public-at-large and educators, specifically to the needs of African American students in academic and non-academic areas of development.

As the president of Tyler Area Alliance of Black School Educators (TAABSE), the goal is to increase collaboration with educators and community partnerships to support our students and educators at the local level thereby promoting overall excellence within our African American communities. We are committed to promoting TABSE Big 5 Initiatives as an affiliate to support student achievement, professional and career development, provide and promote legislative information, and support leadership opportunities.

I encourage you to join our efforts if you have an interest in promoting the success of African American students whether you are an educator, student, or community member…We have an opportunity waiting just for you!

Thank you for visiting the TYLER ABSE website.

Dr. NaTasha Crain
Tyler Area ABSE President